Maureen Stanley was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005. Way back before gluten-free was “mainstream“. Maureen created Hold The Gluten blog and podcast in 2008 as a way to connect members of the gluten-free community across the world.
fork knife and white dinner plate with question mark on plate

The Burger King Gluten-Free Menu? Safe or Stay Away?

Wondering what's gluten-free & safe to eat at Burger King? Before you saddle up to the drive-thru, read...

hands holding a hamburger with seeded bun

Big Thumbs Down: Burger King Gluten-Free Bun Rumor

No - Burger King does NOT offer gluten-free buns. I spoke with Burger King's customer service & there...

burger and fries on a fast food food tray

Are Burger King Fries Gluten-Free? Sadly Not Made Your Way

No. Burger King fries are not gluten-free. They are fried in a shared fryer along with chicken nuggets,...


Are There In-N-Out Gluten-Free Options? What’s Safe to Eat?

Yes! At the time of this post, In-N-Out's french fries are gluten-free! Their fryers are only used for...

gluten-free french fries

Are French Fries Gluten-Free? Why You Need to be Cautious!

FOOD FIGHT: ARE YOUR FRENCH FRIES GLUTEN-FREE? Yes. But there's a catch. Fries are made from potatoes. Potatoes...

gluten-free girl scout cookie caramel chocolate chip

Rejoice! A New Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookie is Unveiled

Girl Scouts USA now offers a Gluten-Free Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie that is certified by the Gluten-Free Certification...

glass of gluten-free beer

Put Down Your Gluten-Free Beer Until You Read This Important Info!

Question and Answer with Karen Hertz of Holidaily Brewing CompanyBeer. Also fondly known as brewskie, nectar of the...

gluten free curly girl hair products by Lorraine Massey

Mastermind of Curly Girl Unveils Exciting Gluten-Free Hair Products

Are you a curly girl or guy? Learn about Lorraine Massey and her fabulous CurlyWorld gluten-free curly hair...