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09/09/2018 09/09/2018

Is Mustard Gluten-Free? The Famous Yellow Condiment

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You have the PERFECT gluten-free hot dog & bun, but are now wondering…is there gluten in mustard? Mustard seeds are naturally gluten-free, however, something that is naturally gluten-free can be ruined by gluten-containing ingredients, so it’s essential that you know what’s in your mustard container.

07/27/2018 07/27/2018

Gluten Containing Grains – What to Avoid & What is Safe

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Are you gluten-free? I've compiled a list of gluten-containing grains to avoid as well as deliciously safe gluten-free grains to incorporate into your diet. For every gluten-containing grain you "give up", you’ll find exciting, flavorful substitutions to please your palate (pinky promise!).