Hold The Gluten Podcast

Welcome to the Hold The Gluten Podcast! When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005, I felt overwhelmed, isolated, and depressed that I would never eat “normally” again. It was a really crappy feeling (pun intended) and I wanted others to know they weren’t alone, so I started the Hold The Gluten podcast. My goal is to connect with our gluten-free community about not only living, but THRIVING gluten-free.

Topics include the art of gluten-free baking, avoiding cross contamination, and how to read ingredient labels like a pro. Of course, you can’t talk about being gluten-free without a little potty humor thrown in for good measure.


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Podcast Episode 72: How to Beat the Holiday Winter Blues

What is the link between Celiac disease & depression? Learn important coping mechanisms to beat the winter blues...