Is Hubba Bubba Gluten-Free? Chew On These Tasty Facts Now

hubba bubba gluten-free gum pink wrapper

Yes – Hubba Bubba is gluten-free gum. Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum does not contain gluten (wheat, barley, rye, or oats). Products with gluten are not used in the facility, in the machinery, or in the actual product itself. However, due to the fact that Hubba Bubba gum has not been...

Easter 2019: Are Laffy Taffy Jelly Beans Gluten-Free? Sweet Truth

laffy taffy jelly beans gluten-free easter candy

Are Laffy Taffy Jelly Beans gluten-free? Yes - Laffy Taffy Jelly Beans are gluten-free according to Katie D. of Consumer Relations at Ferrara Candy Company (Ferrara owns Laffy Taffy). These bite-sized beans in banana, cherry, grape, and apple totally count as a daily fruit serving in my book. Probably not...

Are Red Hots Gluten-Free? Great News For Those That Like It Hot

red hots gluten-free candy

Kaboom! Are Atomic Fireballs Gluten-Free? The Explosive Facts

atomic fireballs gluten-free candy

Top 5 Gluten-Free Easter Desserts for a Delicious Easter

easter bunny measuring spoons and eggs

There's so much that goes into orchestrating the perfect Easter dinner. My biggest arch nemesis? Coordinating the 35 million dishes to actually come out at the same time. In my Easter dream world, I'd just skip to dessert. Read on for five delicious gluten-free Easter desserts that won't disappoint.Eveyr year,...

Easy Gluten-Free Bunny Chow Easter Dessert Recipe

gluten-free easter treat bunny chow mix

Searching for fun and easy gluten-free Easter treats? This gluten-free Bunny Chow is the perfect post Easter dinner delight. A sweet spin on Chex Cereal’s traditional Muddy Buddies, Bunny Chow will certainly satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Read on for the recipe and important tips on how to make the most...

Are Cadbury Mini Eggs Gluten-Free? Must Read Details

cadbury mini eggs gluten-free

Cadbury Mini Eggs are gluten-free based upon their ingredients as well as how they are manufactured. This means Cadbury Mini Eggs do not contain any gluten ingredients and are not manufactured in a facility that processes wheat (presenting no risk of cross-contamination).When I think of Easter, Cadbury Eggs immediately come...

Are Tic Tacs Gluten-Free? Breathe Freely!

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Are Tic Tacs gluten-free? Yes – according to Ferrero U.S.A. website, Tic Tac mints are gluten-free. Did you go a little heavy on the garlic? Pop one (or several) of these 1 ½ calorie breath mints to freshen your breath. There’s the traditional Evergreen Mint and Spearmint. Or get fruity...