Our weekends have been filled with picnics, birthday parties, and other random social events that surround me with food, food, and more food. On Sunday, I was schlepping my kid to yet another birthday party. Knowing there would be absolutely nothing I could eat at this celebration (well, if I was desperate, there’s always the napkin!), I quickly downed a gluten-free Think Thin bar en route.

Pizza is a food staple at kids parties and I tried not to drool as the mouthwatering greasy, cheesy pizza was being served. Jeez I miss pizza. Like a lot. The gracious party hosts offered me a slice of poison (whoops meant to type pizza) and I declined.

Then came the ultimate kick in the gut — the cake. Did I mention that the family hosting the party are bakers? This cake was a beautiful gluten-filled dream. Again, I declined. A lone tear may or may not have trickled down my face as I was responding.

As the party was winding down, I jokingly asked the birthday girl’s father (the man who baked that gorgeous cake I wanted to shove my face into) if they would ever consider offering gluten-free baked goods at their business. I braced myself for the usual resounding “No”. However, his response caught me so off guard ad he matter-of-factly said, “We have a large variety of gluten-free foods.” Better yet, the bakery containing those gluten-free delights was right down the street from the party. This amazing man ran down to his bakery (Di Bartolo Bakery in Collingswood, New Jersey) and brought me back a bag filled with a half dozen vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing and a mini cheesecake. If I had an audio clip of angels singing, I’d insert it here.

When we arrived home, I was like a kid on Christmas Day, opening my package with anticipation.  I unceremoniously shoved two cupcakes (well, one at a time) in my mouth. Hey, I haven’t had a cupcake in three years, so a little unladylike-ness was totally justified. Don’t judge me, ok?

The cupcakes were delicious – not crumbly in texture or dry. I plan on having the cheesecake tonight after dinner.

Lesson of the day: Always ask if there’s a gluten-free option… You never know when you just might hear a “Yes”!