Podcast Episode 09: How to Make Gluten-Free Fried Food


The latest episode of my Hold The Gluten Podcast is now live!

Episode 9 “Celiac Palooza!” Features:

  • Huge gluten-free Thank You!
  • NFCA “Appetite For Awareness” event synopsis
  • Cold River Blueberry Potato Vodka
  • Boar’s Head Lunch Meats, Cheeses, & Condiments
  • Food Tek individual microwavable slices/rolls
  • October is Celiac Awareness Month – get the word out!
  • Gluten Free Fried Foods – Cool Daddy Deep Fryer joy.

Read the blog. Listen to the podcast. Educate yourself.

Rock on Celiacs!

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  1. Very nice blog! And good for you for spreading awareness of celiac disease. Yeah! There are lots of us out here in this little gluten-free parallel universe. It’s nice to be connected and meet others going through the same thing.
    Take care,

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