Podcast Episode 29: Challenges & Struggles of Being Gluten-Free

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The latest episode of my Hold The Gluten Podcast is now live!

Episode 29 “October aka Celiac Awareness Month” Features:

ShabtaiGluten Free Giveaway! Leave a comment for a chance to win Shabtai Gourmet’s Gluten Free Prize Package!  Shabtai Gourmet is a unique Gluten Free Bakery line specializing in Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soy Free, Casein Free, Peanut Free & Dairy Free Cakes and Cookies. Shabtai has brought a fresh and exciting new approach to allergen free baking. Shabtai and his family owned bakery has grown over the years, yet has never lost its old world out of this world taste.Three lucky winners will be chosen.  Deadline to enter is 11/06/2009.

Read the blog. Listen to the podcast. Educate yourself.

Rock on Celiacs!

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Maureen Stanley was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005. Way back before gluten-free was “mainstream“. Maureen created Hold The Gluten blog and podcast in 2008 as a way to connect members of the gluten-free community across the world.


  1. Hello!
    My sister has been diagnosed with celiac disease for a couple years now and this website has been an excellent source of information for my whole family! I love the recipes, and so does my sister!

    Keep on doin’ what you do! I always look forward to your new entries!


  2. Hey! I just listened to your podcast on my way into work this morning and was happy to see you back to your bubbly self 🙂 I have some secrets for great GF pizza so hit me up on FB or Twitter if you wanna hear them! Does this comment qualify me for the Shabtai drawing? I’m dying for Ring Tings or those Swiss chocolate cake rolls! NYUUUMMMMM!
    -your favorite Jersey Celiac, JZ 🙂

  3. Another giveaway? You rock!

    Any suggestions on starting up a celiac support group? We just started one in our area because the closest one was too far away. Now we need some ideas/resources.

  4. I would LOVE to have a black & white cookie. Hope I win!

    I’m definitely going to try out the fried rice at PF Changs. Sometimes we go to a Japanese Steakhouse nearby and I bring my gf soy sauce and they make it with that. It’s great!

    zPizza is pretty good. They put a lot more toppings than Uno’s and it’s fresher tasting. I’m going to try and check out that Pizza Fusion when I go down to Orlando to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving.

  5. Sign me up for the give away! Thanks Maureen! I like to make a banana cake with Betty Crocker GF yellow cake mix by replacing the oil in the recipe with 2 large ripe bananas (choco chips are also wonderful in the mix!). I use cream cheese icing for the top. My husband thought it was the best thing I ever made gluten free or not.

  6. I would LOVE some gluten free baked goods! I can’t cook (well), and this “poor starving college student” is craving some 🙂 Thanks!

  7. So excited and hungry after this podcast! I do not know where to go first-PF Changs or Pizza Fusion. Thanks a bunch for doing this podcast. I am sure it is a lot of work to put together. I so look forward to them.
    On another note-I can’t wait to try the banana cake recipe one of you listners posted using the betty crocker mix-it looks awsome!

  8. Biaggi’s Italian Ristoranti just updated their Gluten-Free menu to include several of their pizza’s.

    Although the crust itself is only so-so, the toppings make the pizza more than good. The crust is similar to Godfather’s gluten-free pizza if you have had that. The pizza is slightly larger than a dinner plate. At $8.99 and $9.99 depending on toppings (the chicken one is great, very spicy), I guess it could be considered expensive for a small pizza but Godfather’s is $15 and well, no one raves about Godfather’s… to be kind.

    I have been addicted to both PF Changs and Biaggi’s and this change to Biaggi’s menu just makes it that much better.

    And I can’t remember if you had said if you had used Chebe gluten-free bread mixes but I use them a lot. I get the general use packs from Amazon at a pretty good discount and use them for bread sticks, pizza dough, etc. They have specific Pizza versions but couldn’t figure out the difference. And the “Cheese” version is basically the General mix with instructions to add your own cheese. For pizza, I follow the general mix’s instructions, add 1/2 cup grated parmesean cheese, roll it out thin on a pizza stone and cook it for 10 min before putting my own pizza sauce and ingredients.

  9. I have been gluten free for about a year now and just found your podcast. Being able to hear someone else not only have issues with being glutened by the most random things –(for me it’s recently been Kaopectate, talk about the opposite reaction a medicine is supposed to have. But also being able to hear about how you make it work, and that same frustration in your voice about some of the issues we come up against daily …well, you make me feel less insane and I will be listening to your podcast faithfully from now on.

    Thank you!

  10. Love Shabtai and would love to be a part of the giveaway! Did you hear that Hershey’s now coats their production belts with flour?? Is saw it through the grapevine on Twitter…this person @miamigfexaminer is the one who originated it. I’m in mourning.

  11. we’ve tried the Betty Crocker GF chocolate cake (yummy! took it as cupcakes for a church potluck & they were scarfed down! Nobody knew) & the brownies (outstanding!) Either that or my standards have dropped in the year since I was diagnosed! Coming up on one year GF & you have been a tremendous help! Thanks Maureen! (oh yeah, throw my name in the hat please!)

  12. Oooh. I want to try Shabtai so much! I haven’t seen it in any stores in my area. Thanks for the podcasts!

    BTW, love Pizza Fusion (Naperville, IL). Last time I went, I had the pepperoni and cheese GF pizza. Very tasty.

    @MillerP on Twitter

  13. Hey Maureen!
    A couple things-
    1-I am fortunate enough to have several Pizza Fusions nearby. They are awesome. They also have gluten free brownies. I really like the GF crust, and my friend that shared my pizza said it tasted different, but was very good.
    2-You made me want PF Chang’s. Now I must go there next weekend.
    And thanks for the shout out!

  14. Although PF Changs, Pizza Fusion & Betty Crocker’s mixes haven’t made it into my life yet (none are in Canada), I enjoyed your podcast & checked out Shabtai’s site – everything looks fantastic!

  15. Thanks for the quick turnaround on another great podcast. Glad to hear things are looking up for you! Definitely gonna check out the Baconnaise!

  16. Hey- Maybe I’m cynical (most definately am!) but are we really getting ripped off, so to speak, at the prices for GF vs. the amount and flavor of the products we have to choose from? Six dollars for a little bitty loaf of frozen GF styro-bread that’s a fourth the size of the gluten stuff? My better half says it’s because of the higher cost of ingrediants, using dedicated facillities and stuff like that. If that’s the case then the manufacturer’s could make the frozen bread taste like something other than styrofoam, or give us more product. Just having this disease is enough of a penalty without having to pay four times as much for half as much product. I once used the cost of the GF diet to get a raise, or maybe they felt guilty buying us, the workers, pizza for putting in extra hours on a project. So you stand there explaining to a manager why you won’t participate in the surprise pizza party while drooling like an alcoholic on a brewery tour….. there’s a difference in choosing not to eat something versus having no choice at all. Some people don’t get that.

  17. Maureen,

    Thanks for another great episode! I have listened to all your podcasts – all while doing marathon training. I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant on 9/3. I have the genetic markers for Celiac but think that I am lucky to have caught it early- before detectable villi issues began. Being GF has really helped with my racing. I think it is because I can now absorb all of the nutrients from what I eat.

    I was really bummed when you didn’t have a new episode for a while but certainly understand after listening to your last episode before this one. I was blown away while listening to you talk. I am sure that the other runners passing by were wondering what was wrong with me. You are very strong.

    This might be a bit presumptuous but your podcast has been a huge help to me and I want to try to return the favor. Here are two books that have really helped me deal with my personal demons from a fairly difficult childhood: “Three Minute Therapy” by Michael Edelstein and “A Guide to Rational Living” by Albert Ellis.

    Your gluten-free friend,


  18. I love ya Maureen but you have to stop complaining about the price of the Betty Crocker mixes. At least in my neck of the woods, the GF Betty Crocker mixes are cheap compared to all the other GF mixes I’ve found locally and usually the BC ones are better!

    Don’t bother trying to compare the amount or price to glutenous food!! It is always a losing battle! 😀

  19. OH and you made me want to go to PF Changs again. Haven’t been there in a while since we usually go to their little brother place Pei Wei.

  20. Great Podcast! I live in NJ near a Pizza Fusion and the pizza is good. The toppings and sauce are what make it……the crust is crispy but a little too beany. My kids do not like it at all, but for the price I guess that is a good thing (they add an extra $9 surcharge onto the already high price for a gluten free crust). I buy Kinnikinnick pizza crusts frozen at stop and shop, and they are REALLY good. We make our own pizza. One of the few that tastes “real” to me.
    Keep on doing your podcasts, they are great 🙂

  21. Sign me up! Just put this podcast on the ipod. Going for a walk and will be listening to it shortly. Thanks again for all your efforts Maureen! We all love you!

  22. Yay! Another giveaway! I’m excited about Pizza Fusion. I only live a couple hours from Orlando, so I might try it next time I’m in that area. There’s a place where I live that makes a GF pizza, but they have a lot of cross-contamination issues.

    I love the podcasts!

  23. I have a really long drive to the nearest PF Changs (2 hours), but I’m thinking it might be worth it now!:) My kids love the BC brownie mix- I think the chocolate chips make it extra yummy!

    The Shabtai treats sound great! I’ll need to find a place to score some Ring Tings! Thanks for another great show!!

  24. I would love to try the Shabtai, as everytime I go to buy them at my local gluten free store they are sold out!

    Thanks Maureen….LOVE LOVE LOVE the podcast!

  25. Thanks for your podcast, Maureen! I’m definitely stopping at Pizza Fusion the next time I pass through one of those areas.

  26. Just being diagnosed on Monday (yes, 3 days ago!) this has been a great help for me as everything is so brand new for me! It is so nice to have great information and products available to make life a little easier for those of us who arent friends with gluten!

  27. The team at myGlutenFacts.com have developed the most comprehensive 2009 GF Candy List (over 1700 candies sold in the USA & Canada).

    You can browse through the list by category, brand, GF Status or even by keyword. Every product has a dated GF Statement and GF Meter ranking, so you can easily tell which products are made in a gluten free facility.

    It’s ideal to go through those bags of candy since it only takes a few seconds to get the information you need.

  28. Thanks for offering another great giveaway, Maureen! Your generosity, with your words, research, and treats to your listeners/readers is touching and appreciated. Thanks!

  29. Pick me! Pick me! Love your podcast 🙂 You mentioned that you haven’t found a bread you are happy with, and I was lucky enough to take a baking class by Elizabeth Barbone. Not sure if you’ve heard of her, but her recipes taste just like the gluten versions only GF! She has a website http://www.easyglutenfreebaking.com and a book by the same name. I do not bake and I am able to bake from her book (even with yeast!)…the recipes really are easy! And the bread taste like squishy white bread…yum!

  30. thanx for the tweak on betty crocker. We don’t have it here in Australia yet but have similar packet cakes. Just another suggestion is to add grated apple to make it really moist. Love the podcasts and keep them coming

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