The latest episode of my Hold The Gluten Podcast is now live!
Episode 31 “Gluten Free 2010!” Features:

  • Listener Amanda, a high school student with celiac disease, shares her story.
  • Is there a connection with celiac disease and our immune system going into hyper-drive when faced with other illness (i.e.  common cold)?
  • Gluten free cookie crisis — Hershey’s recipe revamp gone terribly wrong.
  • Burger King shares their gluten free food options!
  • Listener Joe Z. found Joe Corbi’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to be tasty.
  • Listener Julia LOVED Udi’s White Sandwich Bread — even untoasted!
  • Gluten free food ideas:  Peanut butter sandwich ala Trader Joe’s GF pancakes & some peanut butter.   Waffle Panini made with apples, cheese, and (mmm) bacon in between two GF waffles.
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