Podcast Episode 59: Plugged In! Supportive Gluten-Free Community

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The latest episode of Hold The Gluten Podcast is now live!

Episode 59 “Gluten-Free Online” Features:

Read the blog. Listen to the podcast. Educate yourself.

Rock on Celiacs!

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Maureen Stanley was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005. Way back before gluten-free was “mainstream“. Maureen created Hold The Gluten blog and podcast in 2008 as a way to connect members of the gluten-free community across the world.

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  1. Hi Maureen and Vanessa! Love this episode, because it’s so true! I would have been wicked lost without all the wonderful online resources and support from not only the gluten free community, but from all the strong people out there living with multiple food allergies on top of celiac disease. I was gluten free for 3 years, and then out of the blue, developed a life threatening allergy to Soy and all legumes (the proteins are similar, and my awesome body recognizes that). I have a website free of gluten, soy, peanuts, all legumes, and mostly free of dairy. http://www.sprinklesandallergies.com I created it as a way to give back to the community that probably ultimately saved my life. I’ve learned so much about living with multple food allergies and anaphylaxis that I just can’t keep it to myself. Thanks for another awesome podcast, looking forward to the next!

    Gluten free love,

    (Ps. I wasn’t sure the best way to reach out to you, so I also sent a message to the Delight featured blogger application on the Delight site. Sorry for the potential overkill!)

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