I used to love the game of tag as a kid.  Freeze Tag, Cartoon Tag, Flashlight Tag; you name it and we probably played it!  The lovely Rachel (creator of the very delish Blueberry Pizza recipe) at The Crispy Cook tagged little ol’ me for a fun meme on my Five Favorite Kitchen Tools. I am not only a celiac but kitchen-aphobic (ok, not really a word), so my five favs are a bit of a long stretch. Tiffany at Make Mine Gluten Free had two hysterical favs – a fork and her microwave… My kind of cook!

What is a meme, you ask?  So did I (I thought Rachel was calling me a dirty word), but found that a meme is basically series of questions that a blogger answers to share some personal perspective or experience on random topics.

FYI, Rachel’s kitchen favs are her aloe plant, measuring glass, swivel peeler, orange frying pan, and wooden spoon.

Maureen’s Five Favorite Kitchen Tools

  • Fav #1:  My Avocado Pitter/Slicer.  Yes, a knife and spoon do work just as well, but I LOVE this tool!  I consume a lot of avocados, so my pitter/slicer comes in very handy.
  • Fav #2:  My Cuisinart Waffle Maker.  Oooh, this contraption rocks!  I use it to make my yummy Pumpkin Waffles.
  • Fav #3:  My collection of Depression Glass Reamers.  Ok, I admit this is not a tool that I actually use, but someone juiced something on these reamers.  Probably back in 1910, but it counts!
  • Fav #4:  My Peppercorn Cracker Thing.  Don’t you just love going to a restaurant where the waiter comes to your table and asks you (in a snooty voice), “Fresh ground pepper?”.  I rarely ever use salt, but pepper pretty much goes on everything.
  • Fav #5:  Clorox Wipes.  I have a sick, twisted perchance for cleaning.  Cleaning is my therapy.  When the going gets tough, I enjoy a good Clorox wiping of anything that is not nailed down.  Enough said :)