These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”

Nah – too much rain gives my roses black spot and I’m terribly allergic to cats.  Really.  I broke out in hives just typing the word “c-a-t”.

Anyway – being an official member of Club Celiac for almost three years now, I’ve encountered many a gluten free food that I wouldn’t feed to my worst enemy.  The most frustrating thing is paying a ton of money for food that is inedible.  Then what to do?  Do you eat it anyway!?  When I was a youngster, my mother utilized the “there are children starving in China” threat so that I would clean my plate.  Leftover guilt from my youth pressures me to finish these dreadful gluten free meals.  We all know the cardboard box it came in probably tastes better than the actual food!

So, to help you avoid eating a whole bunch of unnecessary nastiness, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite gluten free foods!

Drumroll please…

1) Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pancakes.  YUM!  I love these pancakes.  They come frozen in a box of 12.  I microwave mine and then add chocolate chips or sliced bananas.  Top it off with maple syrup and enjoy the gluten free goodness. FYI, they are dairy free as well.

2)  Think Thin Peanut Butter Bars (Crunchy or Creamy).  These bars are brilliant. I keep one or two in my glovebox at all times (probably not the best idea when it’s 90 degrees outside).  They are very high in protein, are satisfying, and don’t taste like crap.

3)  Envirokidz Cereal Bars – Chocolate.  Technically I think these “rice crispy” type bars are marketed towards children.  On occasion, I feel as though my IQ is that of a three year old (as all of my brain cells have been sucked out by my children), so these are perfect for moi!  The bars are great alone or topped with peanut butter.

4)  Trader Joe’s Flourless Chocolate Cake.  Need I say more?  It’s just sick.

5)  Robert’s American Gourmet Pirate’s Booty.  This is the closest thing to a cheese curl that I’ve found.  It’s like a little white cheddar cloud puff that melts in your mouth. FYI, most of Robert’s American Gourmet snack foods are gluten free!

6)  Tostito’s Restaurant Style Corn Tortilla Chips.  When I am not trying to be healthy, I LIVE on nachos.  Tostito’s Corn Tortilla Chips are my fav-or-ite.  Whatever you do – please, please, please don’t buy the multi-grain or flour ones.  They are NOT my favorite…

7)  Glutino Pretzels (minis or sticks).  I have a hard time keeping these away from my gluten eating family.  They love them!  These pretzels have a buttery taste and really hit the spot.

8)  Tinkyada Pasta.  Weird name.  Great tasting.  This is a gluten free pasta I can serve and the “gluten eaters” never even know it’s gluten free!

9)  Puffins Cereal – Honey Rice.  Sweet, crunchy, gluten free cereal.  I can’t get enough of the Puffins!

10)  Amy’s Organic Rice Crust Pizza.  I’m lazy.  I don’t really cook for myself often.  I used to eat large quantities of pizza.  Amy’s gluten free pizza is the best tasting frozen pizza I’ve found.  Now, let me be clear — this does NOT taste like the greasy, cheesy pizza you used to eat.  Don’t even try folding it.  But it thoroughly satisfies my need when the family orders one large pie with a side of gluten.

11)  Cocoa Pebbles Cereal.  Ok, this is not healthy at all.  It’s sugar in a bowl.  But, who cares!!!  When you can have a bowl of chocolate cereal and then drink up the chocolaty milk left in the bottom, that gets a huge thumbs up in my book…

12)  Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix.  This rocks.  I use this for my gluten free pumpkin waffle recipe.  If I run out of my Trader Joe’s frozen pancakes, I’ll bite the bullet and actually make some “homemade” pancakes with Pamela’s mix.  They come out light, airy, and tasty!!

13)  Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free Brownie Mix.  Oh baby, I love these brownies!!  Be sure to make the “Cream Cheese Brownies” recipe on the back of the bag.  They are DELICIOUS.  Question — do you ever fantasize that Bob is your long lost uncle?  Think of all the gluten free goodies you could be getting.  Hmm, maybe I should keep that delusion to myself.

Ahem, moving on to my last (but not least!) favorite gluten free food…

14)  Anything “naturally” gluten free! Enjoy the summer’s fresh fruits and veggies.  A trip to your local farmer’s market can provide you with a plethora of naturally gluten free options that are good for your body.

Then go have yourself a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles and don’t forget to drink the milk!


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  1. This list is so helpful! I just went and bought the pasta today … we’ll be having it later this week! Thanks for these tips; they are so helpful to g/f newbies like myself!

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