About Hold the Gluten

A mother & daughter’s path to a gluten-free lifestyle


Emma was diagnosed in 2012 with Celiac Disease the day before her 10th birthday. She was a child still in elementary school but had to quickly learn to think like an adult. Reading labels, navigating gluten-filled birthday parties, and avoiding cross-contamination became Emma’s new norm.

At age 12, she ran her first 5K Making Tracks for Celiacs in support of Celiac Disease awareness. Emma & her mom Maureen crossed the finish line hand in hand. At age 13, Emma wrote an article for Delight Gluten-Free magazine giving her perspective as a child with Celiac Disease and showing other children that they were not alone.

Since her diagnosis, Emma has passionately used her voice with the hope to educate others on Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, and non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.


Maureen was diagnosed in 2005 with Celiac Disease at the age of 32. Maureen learned she had Celiac Disease after several hospitalizations and misdiagnoses including Ulcerative Colitis and “pregnancy-related”.

Feeling isolated and confused, she decided to connect with fellow members of the gluten-free community online. Out of this came something wonderful – Hold The Gluten blog and podcast was created in 2008.

Maureen’s work has been published in several gluten-free magazines and books. She was part of the General Mills Gluten-Freely blog team.

Maureen’s mission is simple: to be the advocate and support person she desperately needed when first diagnosed. No one should have to navigate this gluten-free life single-handedly.

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