Bacon Me Crazy – Is Bacon Gluten-Free? The Tasty Truth!

coffee bacon and gluten-free pancakes

Bacon has moved way beyond the breakfast plate! But is this meat treat safe for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance? Read on to find out if bacon is gluten-free.

Is Pudding Gluten-Free? Why I Love Pudding & You Should Too!

gluten free pudding with blueberries

Who doesn't love a dessert with no chewing involved? Wondering if pudding is gluten-free? Read on to see what's safe and what to avoid.

Is Jelly Gluten-Free? How to Eat Your PB&J and Not Get Sick

gluten-free peanut butter and jelly on gluten-free bread

Finding gluten-free bread is enough of a struggle! But now you wonder "is jelly gluten-free" and can you continue to start your day with a fruit jelly on your toast? Read on learn what's in jelly, jam & marmalade (and how I found wheat starch in one brand).

Gluten in Fruit: How to Make Sure Your Fruit Stays Gluten-Free

slices of oranges on white plate

Is there gluten in fruit? Fruit is naturally gluten-free! However, fruit can still be "glutened" by cross contamination or hidden gluten. Learn what to look for so that your fruit stays gluten-free & safe.

Gluten-Free Ice Cream – We All Scream For It!

pink ice cream truck with gluten-free ice cream

Get the scoop on choosing a gluten-free ice cream that’s safe for our dietary needs & free from cross-contamination that will make us sick. Bonus: fav gluten-free cones.

Is Wheat Germ Gluten-Free? Put the Jar Down & Read This Now


Is wheat germ gluten-free? Despite its health benefits to many, wheat germ can and will make those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance ill by damaging the intestinal villi. Read on for gluten-free alternatives & what to avoid.

Is Mustard Gluten-Free? The Famous Yellow Condiment


You have the PERFECT gluten-free hot dog & bun, but are now wondering…is there gluten in mustard? Mustard seeds are naturally gluten-free, however, something that is naturally gluten-free can be ruined by gluten-containing ingredients, so it’s essential that you know what’s in your mustard container.

Is Wine Gluten-Free? Is it Safe to Raise Your Glass?


Being gluten-free can be exhausting. Checking and double checking every label. Sometimes you just want to relax with a glass of wine. But is wine gluten-free? Read on for what to toast to and what to avoid.