Deliciously Spicy Black Bean Hummus No Tahini (Recipe)

dried black bean on wooden spoon

This spicy black bean hummus (no tahini) recipe can be customized to your preferred "heat level". From a nutritional outlook, black beans are an excellent meat substitute due to their high protein, iron, and B vitamin content. I personally love the kick of a spicy hummus!

3 Ingredient Low Carb Chocolate Pudding Gluten-Free & Vegan (Recipe)


This 3 ingredient low carb chocolate pudding recipe is DELICIOUS! My family had no idea they weren't eating an out of the box pudding jacked up with additives & preservatives (insert evil laugh). Gluten-free & vegan and free from other allergens!

Gluten-Free Baby Food: Formula to Homemade Food & More!

mom and baby shopping for gluten-free baby food in grocery store

In addition to navigating the world of parenting and how to properly use a Diaper Genie, you find out that your baby needs to be gluten-free. I've done the research and totally have you covered... Read on for eight gluten-free baby food types, brands, and products. Then take a nap...

Gluten Allergy in Kids: Don’t Freak – It’s Going To Be OK

gluten-free superhero kid with red cape

How do you identify a gluten allergy in kids? What do you feed them? How do you keep them safe from gluten (without putting them in a bubble)? Read on as I walk you through the ages and stages of caring for your precious gluten-free schmoopie.

Gluten-Free Snacks for Kids Food: 10 Delicious Ideas


Searching for gluten-free snacks for kids? When your child is gluten-free, the need to have tasty snacks on hand at all times is a must. The good news is that so many brands offer gluten-free versions of the traditional snack everyone else is eating. Without further ado, read on for...

Celiac Awareness Month: 25 Important Facts Not Fads


May is Celiac Awareness Month. My mission is to educate others in the true meaning of Celiac Disease. This is a disease, not a fad. I've put together 25 important facts about Celiac Disease. Help spread the word! Together we can bring a greater awareness and understanding of Celiac Disease.

10 Delicious Gluten-Free Lunch Ideas for Kids (Kid Tested)

boys and girls eating a gluten-free lunch

On the search for creative gluten-free lunch ideas for kids? I have you covered! No matter what age our gluten-free child is, we'll always stress about them safely eating meals, avoiding cross contamination, and never, ever feeling different or left out. Read on for my top ten gluten-free lunches!

Gluten-Free Breakfast for Kids: Top Five Fun & Easy Meals

young girl and boy eating gluten-free breakfast in kitchen

Gluten-free breakfast for kids doesn't have to be a challenge! Read on for my top 5 delicious gluten-free & kid-approved ideas! I remember the very first morning our daughter sat down to her gluten-free breakfast. It became my mission that her gluten-free breakfast was not only healthy and filling, but...