Gluten-Free Chapstick: Safe Moisture for Your Lips

Gluten-Free-Lip-Chapstick Lip Balms

Does ChapStick have gluten? Is there gluten in other lip balms? If you're wondering if you are glutening your lips, read on for details. For those of us with celiac disease & gluten sensitivity, the need for gluten-free cosmetics is real. Educating yourself is the key to complete health and...

Why Gluten-Free Conditioner Can Help Save Your Skin

woman combing gluten-free conditioner through hair

Wondering if gluten-free conditioner is necessary or just hype? If you're using a conditioner that contains gluten, your skin will absorb it. Many brands (especially those found in high-end salons) include hydrolyzed wheat protein, barley extract & oats within their ingredients. Learn to protect your body inside & out.

Gluten-Free Cosmetics: Ultimate Guide to Avoid Gluten

gluten free lipstick eye shadow blush makeup

Many people with celiac disease & gluten intolerance react to gluten in cosmetics. Sadly, it's uncommon to find gluten clearly listed as an ingredient in makeup, hair care & body products. Read on for your personal guide to identifying hidden gluten, how our bodies react & where to find certified...

The Truth About Gluten-Free Toothpaste: What You Need to Know

woman and man brushing teeth with gluten free toothpaste

Is gluten ever an ingredient in toothpaste? What about cross contamination? Part of our daily routine is (hopefully) brushing our teeth twice a day. Find out what mainstream & organic toothpaste brands offer gluten-free toothpaste as well as what happens to our teeth when celiac disease goes undiagnosed.

Gluten-Free Body Lotion – Hidden Gluten & Symptoms

woman applying gluten-free body lotion cream

Avoid skin reactions by using a gluten-free body lotion. There's been a major debate within the gluten-free community about gluten in food versus gluten in personal care such as lotion, hair products and cosmetics.

Gluten-Free Lipstick Essential Tips for Your Vulnerable Lips

gluten free lipsticks

Is gluten-free lipstick really necessary? As I began digging deeper into the pharmaceutical end of gluten-free cosmetics, I was definitely shocked. Bottom line: our bodies react to gluten whether it's in or on our bodies. Learn more about how to avoid hidden gluten, safe gluten-free lipstick, lip gloss and more.

Safe & Gentle Gluten-Free Baby Shampoo for Your Infant

baby in duck bath towel

These gluten-free baby shampoos are made without gluten & scary harsh chemicals. Think of your baby's skin as a sponge that absorbs whatever you put on it. If you're using a shampoo that contains gluten, their skin will absorb it. Don't freak out! I've put together a comprehensive list of...

Gluten-Free Shampoo: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

woman reading gluten free shampoo label

It's bad enough not being able to eat gluten without getting violently ill. Now I realized gluten-filled body products were making me sick as well. Yay immune system. Time to find gluten-free shampoo & other gluten-free hair products. Read on for symptoms of using shampoo with gluten and how to...